Affy Chip

Genome-Wide Expression - CTD-Phosphatase

Genome-wide expression analysis was used to identify genes affected by the FCP1 CTD-phosphatase.

This site supports Kobor, et al., A Novel Protein Phosphatase Required for Dephosphorylation of the CTD and Transcription by RNA polymerase II in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Mol. Cell, 4:55-62 (1999). The data are presented with previously published data from Holstege, et al. (1998).

Study Design

Project Goals
Genetic Reagents
Technology, Protocols, and Analysis

Yeast mRNA Population

Apparent Half-life and Transcriptional Frequency

Genome-Wide Expression Data

  • How expression of gene X depends on multiple components of the machinery

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Results and Insights

Table of Results


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